img_1848[1]Adventure Training forms an essential part of the Air Cadet’s training syllabus. As well as helping cadets forge new friendships, adventure training enables all cadets to show off their leadership qualities. There is a wide ranging Adventure Training syllabus in the ACO – you could try your hand to a number of different activities that you may never have had the chance to experience otherwise.

Here is a list of just some of the Adventure Training activities you could experience:
Climbing, Abseilling, Camping, Water Activities Week, Skiing, Sailing, Confidence Courses, Archery and many more!

Another part of the ATC syllabus is ‘Fieldcraft’. In essence, this is the art of survival in the field. It covers many areas of training such as the following:

Campcraft – The art of cooking rations, hygiene in the field and eating properly, as well as how to make a shelter and conceal yourself from the presence of any ‘enemy’.

Camouflage and Concealment – How to conceal yourself from an enemy when moving around. This involves the use of camouflage cream and various concealment techniques.

Patrols – Cadets are taught the skill of using different formations when patrolling areas of ground.

Exercises (Day and Night) – Cadets can put all of their leadership skills to the test during a simulated scenario. A team of cadets may have to get to a certain place
at a certain time and construct a device, all whilst remaining undetected by the opposing team.